قالب:Infobox Crew رولاند إمريخ هو مخرج أفلام أمريكي-ألماني، وهو معروف بإخراج أفلام ذات ميزانية كبيرة مع موثرات خاصة جميلة مع دين دفلين. الاثنان كتبا قصة فلم ستارغيت الأصلية، والذي أخرجه إمريخ.

Stargate was originally planned as the first in a film franchise. However, the pair became involved in other projects (Independence Day, Godzilla, etc.), and abandoned Stargate. Emmerich and Devlin do not consider Stargate SG-1 a valid continuation of their film.

Emmerich's films have grossed $2.7 billion worldwide, more than those of any European-born director and making him the country's 14th-highest grossing director of all time.




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